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Special  Event

"Yet Another Golden Reiki Opportunity"

Now that we are nearing the end of 

what has been a spectacularly breathtaking 

New England autumn, 

I am offering yet another 

"Golden Opportunity"

for you 

to win a warm, relaxing, calming, healing 

60-minute Reiki Healing Session

at my Reiki Studio in Malden, MA!  


As always this "Golden" session 

will be free of cost!

Just let me know if you’d like to be part of 

the adventure and, like last time, 

I’ll add your name to my bowl!

Just let me know!

That's all you have to do!


Anyone can enter for a chance to win, 

whether or not you’ve ever experienced 

Reiki with me or with anyone else!


Yes, anyone can enter this event, 

even if you've already won, 

even if you've entered past events, 

even if ANYTHING! 

Anyone can absolutely enter the drawing!

That means YOU! 

So ... pretty please do!


The lucky winner’s name will be 

plucked from my bowl 

by a willingly-blindfolded volunteer

on December 6th of the current year! 

That date is very special to our family 

seeing as it is 

the birthday of our Number One Son!


This year the significant date occurs on a Friday! 

I'll be sure to make an announcement 

once the winner's name has been drawn!

Please contact me soon, SOON, SOON 

in order to participate in this 

delightfully fun adventure 

before you forget!


It costs absolutely nothing!


Please feel free to share this information 

with those who 

might be interested in participating!


Good luck!

Bonne chance!

 Buena suerte!

 B’hatzlachah (בהצלחה)!



Much Love,


Louise London-Choate MS, CCC/SLP, CRMT

Reiki Practitioner & Master Teacher

AVIVA Reiki, Relaxation, & Healing

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