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Reviews,  Recommendations, & Testimonials

***  "I was peaceful, I closed my eyes listening to meditative music I saw what seemed like water waves if that makes sense like a spiritual fluid or chord it was wonderful, when I woke up the next day I got up with maximum ease and felt refreshed right away, usually I'm still a little tired ... but most of all I felt secured and bathed in Love it was amazing"  Steve V, Lowell, MA (re: distance reiki session)

***  "It was a great pleasure to  meet (as well). I loved the reiki session, and the experience was great. I have been meaning to email you, the reiki session put me in this relaxed mode. I feel so peaceful, and my body is in a state of rest (no energy to do anything). It's not tiredness or lack of energy. I can function properly, but I feel like my body is demanding some sort of recovery and shut myself off from all activities. I was experiencing some minor headache; I remember you indicated that I should drink a lot of water. The headache vanished after drinking water. I want to come back for more and make this a routine (just like going to the gym). I want to achieve this emotional/mental/physical/spiritual balance."  John L., Revere, MA     

***  "The reiki was wonderful. That night I felt like I had reiki heat on my back so soothing. Thank you."   Christina C., Revere, MA


***  "Thank you so much! I enjoyed my Reiki session so much and look forward to another one. I have been feeling great. Relaxed, 'de-stressed,' I’ve slept better in the last few days than I have in a long time. I enjoyed every moment of my session. It was so relaxing. That is some thing I really need because stress plays a big role in my life and I have not felt any stress all weekend!!!!"   Monica C., Melrose, MA

***  "I cannot even tell you the strength I felt immediately after the session and onward. I had a certain glow to myself that even my parents noticed - I felt extremely calm and overall just happy! A lot less confused and a lot more positive. In fact, I was wondering if you had any sessions available this week! I would love to come again!"   Gina L., Stoneham, MA

***  "Thank you for being such a great teacher. I'm so excited to make this a part of my practice as I move forward in my professional goals. I have a funny thought, I was taking a photo with my mother and grandmother ... and I put my hands around them and felt my 'Reiki hands.' It feels like a superpower I can't turn off now, haha!"   Cynthia M., Malden, MA

***  "The session was great. I've never had distance reiki done before and I have to say it felt equally if not more intense than when done in person. Immediately after, I felt like a weight had lifted off my mind and just felt very much at equilibrium. I tend to have a lot of negative ruminations in my day to day and the days that followed, I was actually finding myself thinking from more of positive and optimistic perspective. I'd be interested in doing another session in a few weeks."   Parla D., NY, NY

***  "I enjoyed the session. It was very relaxing and you were a gentle guide. I have been feeling the effects quite profoundly. Over the past few days I have felt a continuing sense of "energy" leaving my body. It has been pleasurable. My sleep is peaceful and I have not had a nightmare in days. (I usually have them.) In some ways I can hesitantly say that I have been feeling more confident. My knees feel a little better ... there is no doubt in my mind that something profound took place in your home/office."   Joseph M., Revere, MA


***  "Louise is not only highly skilled she is one of the kindest practitioners I have ever come across. She has helped my elderly father with chronic pain and stiffness. I am truly grateful."  Lynne F., Concord, MA

***  "Louise, I am so grateful I got to experience reiki. I feel it gave me a space in which I could feel my feelings and emotions that I would normally shove under the rug by being busy and in that moment I had nothing to distract myself with. In order to feel better you have to know what’s wrong. I feel as though most of my healing happened mentally. I was and am in a better mental space. Right after I felt so much freedom and weightless like nothing was holding me back. During I feel like I achieved a meditative state I could probably have never reached on my own. But also as you mentioned I felt you had heating pads on your hands. Again thank you very much. See you soon."   Samantha L., Lynn, MA


***  "My session was amazing. Not only is Louise talented and “Master” level, but the experience was quite spiritual, relaxing and long lasting. I remember the first few minutes Louise started working on me I was like - woah, this is definitely the closet thing to magic I've ever experienced. I left the session feeling both euphoric and energized! Pretty powerful stuff. I will definitely be returning, thank you."   Colleen C., Melrose, MA

***  "I enjoyed my session so much and I'm really looking forward to seeing you again when I'm back in town. Really, I loved everything - you were very caring and gentle and everything from the atmosphere to the appointment itself was restorative."   Nicole C.


***  "This was my first time receiving this healing practice, and I couldn’t have asked or picked a better person to introduce me to it. Louise was so welcoming and made me feel at home the minute I walked through the door. All of my questions were answered fully without hesitation before and after the session. The work she did with me truly made an impact with my head pain that I have not had relief from in years - I had forgotten what it felt like to live without pain. Additionally, my spiraling thoughts slowed down to a manageable speed and my nightmares have ceased to exist. I had a lot of unrest within, and this has been the true beginning to my healing, after going years of treating with medication and therapy. She has done more than help me find healing, she has truly given me a piece of my life back that I had begun to accept would never happen."   Kaitlyn S., Newton, MA (Thumbtack review)

***  "Everything was perfect."   Brendon Q., Everett, MA  (Thumbtack review)

***  "I was extremely pleased with how comfortable and accommodating she was. I felt so relaxed throughout our session. Overall it was a great experience...the heat that radiated through her hands to my body felt amazing!!!"   Rebecca B., Lynn, MA  (Thumbtack review)

***  "Amazing experience! Already booked my second session :)"   Julie E. (Thumbtack review)

***  "It was a great experience"   Elsie V., Haverhill, MA  (Thumbtack review)

***  "Louise has a great calming healing presence. I was able to deeply relax as Louise worked on me. Thank you Louise!"   Kishor N., Cambridge, MA  (Thumbtack review)

***  "Louise was very lovely and professional. She took the time to educate me on reiki and explain her process. My reiki experience was very calming and healing. I would recommend her to any one looking for energy healing."   Kristin H., Cambridge, MA  (Thumbtack review)

***  "Louise is not only highly skilled she is one of the kindest practitioners I have ever come across. She has helped my elderly father with chronic pain and stiffness. I am truly grateful."  Lynne F., Concord, MA (Thumbtack review)

***  "This was an excellent experience. The environment was welcoming. She gave a lot of water before and after the session, and even went a little over. She offered a lot of feedback, and was extremely welcoming. She even went a little over in time. 😊 I would definitely recommend her multiple times over, and I look forward to seeing her again."   Charity E., Cambridge, MA  (Thumbtack review)

***  "Loved my Reiki experience! So relaxing. I felt very comfortable and relaxed. I am going to continue for sure!"   Keri R., Arlington, MA  (Thumbtack review)

***  "I have been going to Aviva for over a year now, and my life has changed so much. Before a lot of negative things were attached to me, like a magnet. Now a lot of positive changes have happened in my life. She is amazing.​"   Cheryl N., Revere, MA

***  "I recently had a Reiki session from Louise London-Choate. Louise is an experienced and professional Reiki Master Teacher and Practitioner. Her welcoming smile and her Reiki treatment area gave me a comforting feeling even before the session began. The treatment eased my chronic back pain and I left feeling relaxed. I will definitely see her again for another session."   Karen J., Millbury, MA​  (Google review)

***  "Awesome experience 👍"   Kathleen B., Everett, MA  (Google review)

***  "If you’ve ever hesitated about trying Reiki because your afraid of the unknown you can stop worrying and relax. I say this because of Louise. She is a walking angel on earth. Her amazing healing hands are a gift, even though we all know she has trained hard to become a certified Reiki Master. Louise is calming, gentle, compassionate and well versed in Reiki. There are not enough words to explain her technique. Don’t hesitate about the unknown anymore . You have nothing to lose and everything to gain physically and mentally. You’ll definitely leave feeling better physically but more relaxed and calmer. If you have any concerns she is 100% there for you. I highly recommend Aviva Reiki but even more I recommend You meeting Louise.​"   Marleen L., Malden, MA  (Google review)

***  "I was very impressed with how I felt with your distance healing. Something was clearly happening, which is a thrill. ... My mind invented some pretty cool designs during your healing.  And the colors were great."  Rosemary K., Lexington, MA

***  "Louise is amazing. I was so relaxed during the reiki session and the price is affordable. If anyone wants reiki, I highly recommend Louise!"   Gina K.  (Google review)

***  "I live in Texas. My mother lived in Massachusetts and was in the hospital. I needed to find a Reiki therapist to go to the hospital and give her treatments. I prayed about it and then looked online. I found Louise. Thank goodness for that. We spoke on the phone and she immediately agreed to go by the hospital and treat my mother. Louise's gentle spirit and heart to serve was so evident. My mother responded favorably to the treatments. She lived a lot longer than expected. She had had a cardiac arrest, was 94 years old and was on a ventilator. At times she was quite aware and interacted with family members. She eventually passed away, but I'm so thankful for the final few months that we had with her. I truly believe that's because of the life that was infused into her by Louise. God worked through Louise. I believe that. It's evident that Louise has found her calling and has answered that call. The world is better off because of it. I highly recommend her if you're looking for the real deal. A woman with a servant's heart."   Faith W., TX (Google review)

***  "Louise has a calming and gentle nature. She is a fantastic Reiki practitioner. Louise recently performed a Reiki session for my mother in law who has Alzheimer's disease. My mother in law's reaction after her session captured the experience perfectly....'I felt like I'm walking on a cloud.'"   Kathleen S., Malden, MA  (Google review)

***  "My 1st Reiki session ever and it was a lovely experience! Louise was accommodating, communicative and gentle. She has a wonderful spirit about her and made me feel very comfortable! So excited about our future sessions!"   Merlin B., Saugus, MA (Google review)

***  "The services from AVIVA Reiki, Relaxation and Healing were great. Louise provided the service in a quiet area. I did not mention I was having pain in a part of my stomach and approximately within 15 minutes of the session I was amazed that her hands were above the exact spot I was having pain. I highly recommend her services. She is great and the services are very helpful and work."   Lynn P., Malden, MA


*** "Do you want to meet an amazing reiki master! She is gentle, caring and accommodating. I recommend her very highly. Try her, "you'll like her."   Pam D., Peabody, MA


***  "Louise is considerate, thoughtful and sensitive to your needs. Her loving kind manner makes you feel comfortable and relaxed."   Connie L., Somerville, MA


***  "I feel incredible! I just had my first ever Reiki session with Master Reiki Teacher and dear friend Louise London-Choate and all of my aches and stress are gone!!! Thank you Louise!! I'll be back soon!"  Beth M., Reading, MA


***  "I did enjoy (my session), and was surprised that I fell asleep a bit, it was very different and relaxing. Didn't feel much different that day, but the next I felt much better. I like the idea of cumulatively building on that. Look forward to Tuesday. Thank you so much."   Charles S., Malden, MA

***  "Louise was excellent. Very kind and knowledgeable."   Tracey C., Cambridge, MA

***  "Louise was very reasonable, kind, gentle, and provided the perfect Reiki experience for my pet cat. I plan on having her work on him again. I was most impressed not only by her skill as a practitioner of Reiki, but also her manner in treating my cat."   George P., Somerville, MA

***  "it was very relaxing and she was very kind! i left feeling more energized than i had in a long time and i look forward to future sessions!"   Ashlie T., Revere, MA


***  "She was fantastic and have a second appointment for Thursday."   Annette C., Stoneham, MA 

***  "I was extremely pleased with how comfortable and accommodating she was. I felt so relaxed throughout our session. Overall it was a great experience...the heat that radiated through her hands to my body felt amazing!!!"   Rebecca B., Lynn, MA

***  "Grateful for Louise!"

"Louise is wonderful. I am so grateful to her for bringing Reiki into my life. Sessions with her have helped me heal on an emotional and spiritual level. I feel comfortable and safe with her. If you are open to Reiki healing, it will work for you. :)"   Flora W., Cambridge, MA

***  "Earning my Reiki I certification with Louise was an unforgettable and foundational experience in learning about and applying spiritually-guided life force energy. Louise is a teacher who not only clearly communicates the technical details and approach of reiki, but also models and imparts the practice to all that she encounters.
        "The training is structured in a way that provides students with a historical and cultural understanding of reiki, allowing us to gain a deep knowledge about reiki's roots and evolution across time and place. Louise is detail-oriented and takes good care to make sure her students understand the materials. During the hands-on practice session, she provided substantive feedback about my approach and offered helpful assistance and support."
        "The learning atmosphere Louise creates is calm, structured, and joyful. Louise provides her students with the confidence to impart reiki on themselves and others, a gift that is priceless and has deeply impacted how I encounter the world. Since training with Louise, I have noticed demonstrable shifts in my energy levels, ability to cope with stress and life's discomforts, and the positive healing life force energy I am able to share with others."
        "It was a privilege to learn reiki from Louise, a person with great experience, compassion, wisdom and care. Training and working with Louise in any capacity will enrich your life (and those around you!), and I cannot recommend it enough. My deepest thanks to Louise for sharing her gifts and knowledge with me as a student- I can't wait to keep practicing and learning!"   Rebecca F., Brookline, MA


***  "... Louise (has) served patients in a variety of (hospital) units, including oncology, medical and neurological intensive care, post-operative, and women's health. She (has) also participated in wellness events to promote rest, relaxation, and restoration for our hard-working clinicians during their breaks. The Reiki services that Louise (has) provided have proved to be the highlight of the day for many patients and staff members alike. She (has) often received great feedback for her performance. In witnessing her compassion, patience, sincerity, and humility, it is clear to me that her heart is in helping others."   Matthew M., Boston, MA

***  "Louise exhibits compassion, kindness, and sincerity during her interactions with clients and she gives each session her utmost energy and care. She is a knowledgeable, thorough Reiki Teacher, intuitively providing what each person needs in order to excel and thrive as a Reiki Teacher. Louise (can) easily identify with a client's healing goals and conduct(s) the session in ways that produce(s) results for the client. Her formal teaching education and experience of 30 some years serves her well in a classroom setting. She is organized and thorough and caring all at the same time."   Starr B., Woburn, MA


***  " ... Louise's training, experience, and skills provide her with a great advantage when it comes to assisting hospital patients, their families, and hospital staff with Reiki. She is already comfortable with issues of personal and professional boundaries, professional ethics, clear communication, cultural competence, and establishing trust and rapport with others. Being of service to others is what Louise is all about ... in addition to being an exceptionally reliable, trustworthy, and dependable individual ... Her skills in active listening, developing rapport with clients, and maintaining professional Reiki ethics, are of the highest standards. Indeed, (she) is a role model for many other members of the Reiki community. Louise London-Choate is genuinely interested in the well-being of others, whom she treats with gentle kindness and heart-centered compassion."   Elise B., Newton, MA

***  "I enjoyed the experience from start to finish. Her manner is quite calming and the reiki was soothing. Excited to return for another session."   Mingh H., Malden, MA

***  "Thanks so much for the session, it was really so interesting. I had just had a bad couple of weeks, waking each morning with a headache and I really have felt better since I saw you. I haven't woken with a headache since I saw you, which is a much better way to start the day!  Thank you so much."   Robin G., Wakefield, MA


***  "I really enjoyed our session last week. The one thing I did feel is more energy. You are so good at what you do. Thank you again for introducing me to Reiki. Keep doing what you do!"

Tricia G., Winchester, MA

***  "Getting Reiki from you was amazing. During Reiki, I overall felt warmness. And at the end when your hands moved from head to feet, I felt nice breeze. I thought you had a little fan in front of me. Overall it was very peaceful and warm (I love feeling warmness). ... after that, I was tired in a good way as if I did exercised a lot. I took a nap when I got home. When I woke up, I felt really refreshed I would love to get it again! Thank you so much."   Gina K., Medford, MA

***  "I recently had a Reiki session from Louise London-Choate. Louise is an experienced and professional Reiki  Master Teacher and Practitioner. Her welcoming smile and her Reiki treatment area gave me a comforting feeling even before the session began. I left feeling relaxed and will definitely see her again for another session."   Karen J., Millbury, MA 

***  "I'm writing to thank you again for the wonderful Reiki session yesterday. I had a really comfortable afternoon, and felt like myself again, which was so lovely. I even digested my lunch pretty well and with little pain."   Kim R., Stoneham, MA“

***  "I found it an extremely relaxing experience. I feel refreshed. Thank you Louise!”  name withheld

***  "I recently had a lovely Reiki session with Louise! I have anxiety, and after the session, I felt more balanced and less anxious. She makes you feel comfortable and welcomed. After our session, Louise followed up with me to see how I was feeling, it was nice to have the additional support. I will be scheduling another session very soon!"   Amanda S., Malden, MA

***  "I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the healing session yesterday and my ... skin has been less itchy. There was a particular spot that it was always itchy and I feel more comfortable now. I feel like it might be completely healed someday after more Reiki session."

Gina K., Medford, MA

***  "Thank you so much. She loved it. She talked about it for quite some time after we left. When she came to my house tonight she was so uptight and the Reiki settled her so much. I will bring her back often. I need to come too."   Kathleen S., Malden, MA

***  "Great session. Very welcoming and relaxing. I would recommend anyone who hasn't tried reiki before to take advantage of this great introduction into the practice."   Marie H., Melrose, MA

***  "Louise was flexible in scheduling, reasonably priced, and was incredibly thoughtful in her conversations with me prior to providing Reiki and also during Reiki. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking healing or relaxation!"   Jillian C., Malden, MA

***  "Louise was very kind. She took the time to explain as much as I wanted to know about Reiki, and she provided a deeply relaxing experience that I really enjoyed."   Ruth B., Malden, MA

***  "I had an excellent Reiki experience with Louise. She is friendly and I felt very much at ease."  Deborah B., Malden, MA

***  "I was very impressed by your Reiki session. I was looking for relaxation and I felt completely relaxed. I felt that going into this week, I really needed to calm myself and balance my energy as much as possible because it was going to be a stressful week. I believe that one of the reasons I was able to get through this week was because of the Reiki session and tranquility that I felt from it." 

        "Immediately after the session, I did feel calm and balanced and in the days afterward, I was able to handle my ... week. Going in with my own energies more balanced allowed me to focus ... I can’t thank you enough for giving me this gift." 

        " I hope to see you again soon. Thank you."   Erika H., Everett, MA

***  "I enjoyed the session very much. I would like to do it again. I really enjoyed it. It was relaxing and I totally felt the energy."   Cathy B., Malden


***  "Thank you Louise , I’m open to the process. I felt A sense of relief and I’m looking forward to more positivity- I felt very comfortable in your home and you were very motherly (lol)."   Bernadette M., Medford, MA

***  "My session was relaxing. My palpitations went away during the session."   Jessica S., Mattapan

***  "Everything was perfect."   Brendon Q., Everett, MA

***  "Just wanted to let you know, I am very grateful, I'm relaxed, something I haven't been .. in a very long time. Feel a sense of peace ... Thank you for today .. you will see me again. Certainly!  Again Thank You." 

         "I must say, I'm still feeling a sense of peace, Also feeling better to communicate my feelings. I haven't felt any anxiety .. Which is amazing! I also haven't felt that sense of dread .. when I wake up in the morning. I Feel more in tune with myself, for the first time. Feeling much better, but certainly will be seeing you again. I Feel much more centered. Thank you, truly."   Kathleen B., Everett, MA

***  "I have to say that my Reiki session was very relaxing. It was better than my 60 min massages I get once in a while. During the session I felt a kind of pressure on the top of my head when your hands were there. A couple of times I felt heat (hot) on my body in spots and I think I fell asleep. After the session I felt very calm and relaxed. I felt ... very peaceful and happy like nothing could bother me. It felt as though my whole "being" was massaged (if that makes sense). This stayed with me right through the rest of the day until I went to bed."  Robert Q., Watertown, MA

***  "I loved the class. We were able to share, learn and understand the many changes and awakenings that are currently going on in the world. Thank you for being so kind and understanding.Thank you so much for such this wonderful experience and look forward to taking the other Reiki levels you teach."   Ginna O., East Boston, MA

***  "After my treatments last Saturday, I did notice a real improvement both in my pain and in my sleeping. I do think that treatments with you Will be an important part of my healing process ... it was a boost to feel a little better for a while. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Thanks so much!"   Donna P., Cambridge, MA


***  "Thank you so much for our session. The glow did stay with me a good while and I feel better for it.  The session was just what I needed.  I very much enjoyed the relaxation I experienced during our session."   Anthony P., Everett, MA


***  "I really enjoyed the reiki session and will soon be in touch for another session."   Cinara H., Malden, MA

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