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Reiki For the Public


I am available for any variety of events,

including parties for friends and family,

events at your place of business,

and more!

Continue reading to learn even more!

I am happy to provide presentations and demonstrations of Reiki

and, also, mini-Reiki Sessions

to the public or to any group, community organization, or business 

(including corporate offices, workplace staff, school staff), 

clubs, gatherings of friends/family, church/temple groups, casual get-togethers,

parties in your home, graduation, birthdays, etc.)!

I'm more than willing to provide mini-sessions

for your customers/clients and for your staff

during the workday or at any other time

at your own place of business!


Yes, I'm available for any variety of events! 

Please contact me for details!


As a professional Reiki Practitioner/Healer and Master Teacher,

I am able to instruct your staff, organization, group, etc.,

about the benefits of receiving Reiki Healing Sessions

and the perks of learning Reiki for themselves.  


Benefits of 

Reiki Sessions and Reiki Classes include

increased relaxation; decreased stress; less pain and discomfort;

improved sleep; general wellness;

knowledge of techniques for self-care;

physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing;

and more!

I will be thrilled and honored to present a demonstration, make a presentation,

and offer mini-Reiki Healing Sessions to members of your group

and to your employees!

Please contact me to schedule an event NOW!!!


 is a

Wellness Practice

similar to




Tai Chi !

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