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Reiki Shares

*  For Certified Reiki Practitioners Only  *

Reiki Shares will provide you with

a venue where you can connect with other

Reiki Practitioners and Teachers

and where you can practice your skills 

in a safe, respectful, and risk-free environment!

A Reiki Community!


Additionally, these Reiki Shares will give you an opportunity

to offer Reiki Healing Sessions to other like-minded folks

and to receive gentle, peaceful Reiki Healing Sessions yourself!

And, of course, it is understood that, throughout each Reiki Share,

 you will interact with kindness and respect toward all other attendees ...

I wouldn't expect anything less from a lovely group of Reiki Practitioners!


A suggested donation and goodwill offering

at the Reiki Share is $10 …

 or whatever you feel you can afford.


And please … if you are unable to pay,

please come anyway

so that you can receive the benefits!


Light snacks will be served!

Please be sure to let me know

if you'll be attending

so that I can plan accordingly!


When you leave me a phone message

or send me an email,

you will receive a phone call or an email

confirming your attendance

and telling you the location of the Reiki Share

at my home studio in Malden, MA.

Additionally, you're welcome to come for

all or part of the Share,

whatever works best for you!

Feel free to come late or leave early

during the designated times!

The next Reiki Share is scheduled for

Saturday, July 20, 2024, at 1pm

and will last until around 4pm!

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