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A Few Words About Fees

Just a brief word about fees for Reiki Sessions & Classes ...


In our society, we're all required to support ourselves.

Reiki Practitioners and Master Teachers work hard to earn their pay,

as do we all. 

Therefore ...

It's best that something be exchanged for Reiki.

It's best if there is an exchange of energy to insure

each person's active involvement in

his/her own healing process!


I've been taught that Reiki offered for free can create something called

"karmic debt" for the receiver!

*  YIKES!  *



Not all forms of exchange need be monetary.

Some forms of exchange can include

bartering, exchanges of services, 

paying it forward with good deeds, gratitude, 

or any number of similar actions. 

My policy regarding gratuities ~

as always, no pressure to provide any. 

Tips are never expected, never required, never necessary,

but are welcome and appreciated,

should you choose to offer one.


Reiki Healing Session Fees ... 


The average Reiki Healing Session lasts 60 minute, the cost of which can greatly vary among practitioners and locations. However, usually, prices for Reiki Healing Sessions might run lower for those who have received Reiki I or Reiki II training and higher for those with

Reiki III or Reiki Master Teacher training.  


My prices are comparable to, and, in most cases, 

perhaps lower than those of many Reiki Master Teachers.  


A practitioner/teacher who offers the chance of lower-priced Reiki Healing Sessions demonstrates her commitment to making Reiki available to as many folks as possible.

I suggest that you look for a Reiki Practitioner who offers specials to make Reiki more economical for you, such as the Reiki Clinics I offer on a monthly basis.

The prices of Private Reiki Sessions 

changed, as of January 1, 2023.

Reiki Class Fees ... 

 Similarly, fees for Reiki Classes vary quite a bit among practitioners and locations.  

Once again, if you've checked my prices, you'll see that they're comparable to,

and often lower than, those of many other Reiki Master Teachers.  

Something to think about ...

 if you are to become a Certified Reiki III Practitioner or Master Teacher,

you can supplement your current earnings or even possibly make Reiki your livelihood.  

Therefore, rates for becoming certified at higher levels by a qualified teacher

(one who will guide and support your growth)

are reflected accordingly.


In general, you can usually expect that

a professional Reiki Practitioner will have

a reasonable fee schedule.

     In Closing ...  

The information provided on this website is but a brief outline of all the wonders of Reiki!


Please feel free to email your questions or comments,

and I'll be happy to respond as soon as I can

and the best I'm able!


~  Namaste  ~

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