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Private Reiki Healing Sessions

At my studio I offer Private Reiki Healing Sessions and, also, Reiki Clinic Sessions.

These sessions can be in-person or distance ... your choice!

Reiki Clinic Sessions are discussed in another section of this website. 


Private Reiki Healing Sessions are scheduled to accommodate your schedule. Session length can vary from 30 minutes (or less) to 2 hours.  

Private Sessions are by appointment only,

so please make sure to contact me ahead of time,

if you'd like to schedule a private session!

Private Reiki Sessions can be held at my studio, in your home or at the home of a loved one, 

at a hospital/hospice, or wherever you feel would be most helpful. That's right!

I'm willing to come to YOU, if, for whatever reason, you are unable to come to me!

If I do travel to you, you can sit in a familiar chair

in the comfort of your own home, if you prefer!

And I hope you understand that there might be a slight adjustment in price, 

depending upon how far I need to travel. 

I will be glad to come to you, 

particularly if you are experiencing challenges with

 transportation or with your own mobility,

or if you have recently undergone surgery. 

Private Distance Reiki Sessions are also offered!

are discussed in more detail in another section of this website.

Private Distance Reiki Sessions are discussed in another section of this website.

Prices for Private Reiki Sessions are as follows:

30 Minute Session ........ $40

45 Minute Session ........ $55

60 Minute Session ........ $70

75 Minute Session ........ $85

80 Minute Session ........ $90

90 Minute Session ........ $100

2 Hour Session ........ $130

Cash, Personal Checks, Venmo, Zelle, and Cash App are accepted as payment!

Kindly make out any check(s) for my services to "Louise A London". Thank you.

Tips are never expected, never required, never necessary,

but are always welcome and appreciated. Thank you!

What happens during a Reiki  Session?

During a typical Reiki Session you will lie down on a comfortable reiki (or massage) table while fully clothed. You will be asked to remove your shoes and to turn down the sound of your cellphone. At first you may lie on your back while resting your head on a pillow. A bolster may be placed beneath your knees to relieve any stress on your lower back. You may also cover up with a sheet and perhaps a blanket. About halfway through the session you may be asked to turn over onto your stomach. This time the bolster will be placed under your ankles and you can rest your face in a soft headrest which resembles a doughnut. Or you might spend the entire session lying on your back or your stomach or perhaps you'd prefer to lie on one of your sides or split the time between one side and the other. Your position on the table can be your choice. Your comfort is of prime importance!


A Reiki Session can also be performed while you are sitting in a chair, on a couch, in a wheelchair or wherever you are, even if you are home or in a hospital bed or even in a car. Reiki energy can go through casts, bandages, cloth, wood, bulletproof vests,

and other materials!


Throughout your session, I will gently place my hands on or just above selected areas on the front and back of your body, thus allowing the reiki energy to flow into your system. I may concentrate on certain areas, as requested by you or as determined during your session … or perhaps I will focus on a particular issue that you and I have previously discussed and agreed upon. 


A session generally lasts 60 minutes (or perhaps a bit longer or shorter) and often begins and ends with a brief discussion. It is not unusual for a client to request a session lasting

30, 45, 60, 75, 80 or 90 minutes ... 

or even 2 hours!


During your session you may sense tingling, pleasant warmth, pulsing, a sense of lightness, other sensations, or none of the above.  You may visualize colors or other images. You may experience such deep relaxation that you fall into a restful sleep and then later awaken feeling peaceful and refreshed ... in other words, you may feel absolutely wonderful!


Usui Reiki & Jikiden Reiki


There are many different kinds and various schools of reiki throughout the world ... 


The two schools of reiki in which I have been trained are Usui Reiki and Jikiden Reiki.

I am able to provide you with these two wonderfully gentle and effective healing techniques and I feel that my clients have been helped from my training in both. 


Please allow me to tell you a little about these two forms of healing which can provide

exceptional benefits.


As is written in another section of this website


~ "The History of Reiki" ~

Usui Reiki originated in Japan in the 1920's. Its positive results made it well-known. 

As it traveled to different places in the world, the teachings adapted to these different cultures and belief systems and, thus, changed, no longer including some of the original teachings. All in all, Usui Reiki is a lovely, valuable, and effective form of reiki. 


Jikiden Reiki is Japanese Reiki in its original and simple form. In the mid 1990's Chiyoko Yamaguchi was discovered in Tokyo, Japan, quietly using Reiki that she had learned in the 1930's from one of Reiki's founding fathers. Jikiden means "directly passed down" and strictly follows the original system that set Reiki in motion around the world!

Jikiden Reiki is particularly effective physically. 


My wonderful teacher, mentor, colleague, and friend,

Starr Sadaya Beauvais CRMT, Shihan,


described the difference between

Usui Reiki and Jikiden Reiki 

in the words of one of her students: 


     "Usui Reiki plays like a violin ~ airy, lyrical, a high pitched, fine vibration, like a bird in flight playing on the waves of air." 


     "Jikiden Reiki plays like a cello ~ a solid, grounded base pitch, with a slower vibration and deep resonance."


Thus, during my sessions, clients can benefit from both

Usui Reiki and Jikiden Reiki ...

Usui Reiki that can effectively offer gentle healing and balance

and, also, Jikiden Reiki that can provide powerful physical healing.  


Such sessions are perfect and gentle

and so very effective for healing body, mind, and spirit!


Private In-Person Reiki Sessions are once again available now that the pandemic has finally begun to wane. Distance Reiki Sessions have been available throughout the pandemic and continue to be available to all of you who are interested.


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