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Choosing a Reiki Practitioner/Teacher

* Reiki is a specialty

There are many types of Reiki out there. 

Thus, there are plenty of

Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Master Teachers 

advocating for these various forms.  

So ... how can you choose

the Reiki Practitioner and/or Reiki Master Teacher

who will be best for you?

Hopefully, this page will help you begin to figure out your preferences. 


* How can you find a qualified Reiki Practitioner who is right for you?

Things you can consider:


Who was the Reiki Practitioner's teacher?    

* Was she trained and attuned in person or online?

Does he have a lineage?  If so, what is is his lineage?

     * Usui Reiki is a Japanese tradition passed from teacher to student.  

Does she offer lower-priced Reiki Healing Sessions, demonstrating her commitment to making Reiki available to as many folks as possible?

* I suggest that you look for a Reiki Practitioner who offers specials

to make Reiki more economical for you,

such as the Reiki Clinics I offer on a monthly basis.

Does she use Reiki exclusively or does she include other modalities and tools?

     * When other types of energy healing are added (or when tools such as crystals, aromatherapy, etc., are included) practitioners are changing the nature of what a client receives and, thus, it's no longer only Reiki energy. Such a session might be all well and good and wonderful, but you might need to decide whether or not you want to receive a pure Reiki Session or one with added enhancements and/or other healing modalities. Do a little research.

Then trust that you are drawn to that person who is right for you.

Does he promise a particular result from your session?

     * An experienced practitioner provides an abundance of Reiki to help your body, mind and spirit heal. He facilitates what he senses/feels/sees is happening during your session. However, it is your free will and Inner Healer that determine the end result of your session,

not the Reiki Practitioner.

I regularly tell my clients, 

"This session is between you and Reiki.

I'm just the conduit/pipe/straw/facilitator." 

Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose nor can they ethically promise any kind of results.

Is she affiliated with organizations that encourage high ethical standards?

     * The International Association of Reiki Professionals is one such organization dedicated to ensuring that you receive high quality, professional Reiki sessions.   

Does he provide a comfortable, professional space for your session?

     * Reiki can be informally performed anywhere but if you plan to set aside the time and funds for a professional session, there's nothing wrong with expecting a professional environment.  

Is his Reiki space clean and quiet, separate from other areas of his home or office?  

If he works alone in the space, how does he manage the phone and people who may drop in?

 Does he adhere to HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) rules?

     * A Reiki session is personal. Additionally, a Reiki Practitioner may very well discern things about you and your situation that must be kept private. It's not necessary for a practitioner to keep notes on your sessions, but if notes are taken, ask if you can read them, if you so choose, and how they're stored and used.

* How can you find a qualified Reiki Master Teacher who is right for you?

Things you can consider:


All the above questions regarding how to find a Reiki Practitioner also apply to how to find a

Reiki Master Teacher! 


The longer a Reiki Master Teacher has been giving sessions, the more s/he can help you achieve success in your own healing practice.


After a Reiki Class and Attunement by a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, people often feel the difference between their natural healing energy and their Reiki healing hands. 


Schedule a Reiki Healing Session before committing to attend a class in order to give you a sense of who your prospective Reiki Master Teacher is and what she can teach you.


Look for a teacher who's in love with Reiki! The more passionate and dedicated they are to their profession, the more likely you'll have a productive and rewarding experience.


How much class time do you receive? There is so much to learn that in Usui Reiki levels I and II, a student needs several hours per class for certification, plus follow-ups that include Reiki shares and perhaps a Reiki Clinic. If your teacher has traveled to your area and cannot provide follow-up groups, s/he will likely give you two or three 8-hour days of class with lots of practice giving sessions. Ask if there's a special rate to repeat a level. There's so much to learn that even if you paid attention and took careful notes, you'll be surprised how much more you learn

the second time around!


Does the teacher give handouts to his students or, rather, does he give them a manual that covers all the major components of class? Handouts are free but you may be charged a small fee for a manual or folder.

What is the teacher's overall perspective? Reiki is anything but a rote procedure. Look for a teacher who offers a rich, rounded view of Reiki that includes the spiritual roots from which it came. Reiki isn't religious by any means, but it doesn't take long to perceive there's something loving and spiritual about Reiki. Look for a teacher who's in touch with

the heart and mind of the Reiki tradition. 


What kind of support do you receive once the class has ended? Ask if they provide regularly scheduled Reiki Shares, which help you develop skill and confidence using Reiki and help you develop friendships in the Reiki community. You can expect to pay a small fee for Shares to cover overhead and your teacher's supervision, support, and expertise,

similar to receiving CEUs (Continuing Education Units).

* Reiki Is the Energy of Unconditional Love ...

... that G-d / Spirit has for all of creation. 

Reiki is not an intellectual exercise.  Even children can heal with Reiki. 

It is recommended that you choose your teacher based upon the love, compassion,

and dedication s/he radiates, by his/her orientation to the spiritual foundation of Reiki,

by his/her ability to set aside personal ego and results orientation

and give G-d / Spirit free reign. 


*  Choose a practitioner who believes in miracles!


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