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Reiki at the
Tail End of COVID-19


Dearest Friends ~


I hope and pray that we are at long last nearing the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The isolation has been crippling for so many.


Lack of pay and increased levels of anxiety and stress

have paralyzed the work force so,

in other words,

adults and children alike ...

thus, everyone.


The illness itself has been horrifically historic.


But, at long last ... 

Schools and businesses have reopened.

Traffic on our roads has returned to its pre-pandemic gridlock 

and somehow I'm grateful for this.

My heart breaks for those who succumbed to this horrific plague

and for their loved ones.

Needless to say, those of us who have lived through this experience

will not forget it.

I am beyond thankful that so many have survived this horrible disease, and

I am in awe of the medical workers and essential workers

who have continued to exhaustingly work throughout these several months

that have eventually added up to more than two years.

I am pleased that I was able to resume

in-person Reiki Sessions,

as of Monday, June 28th!

And I'm also pleased that I'm able to resume

in-person Reiki Clinic Sessions,

as of March, 2022!

Now that I’ve resumed,

I can’t adequately express how thrilled I feel to be able to get back to

the work I love, the work that doesn’t at all feel like work.

And it’s been a real treat to connect with you in person once again!


Please know that I take every precaution for your (and my) health and safety

and I ask that you do the same for my family and for me.

I might be asking you a few questions about your health. Please answer honestly.

Our combined health could very well depend on it.

Also, please do not come to my studio if you're feeling at all unwell

(headache, sore throat, head or chest congestion, digestive issues,

even a cold that seems to be going away, that you feel might be due to allergies, etc.)

or if you’ve been in recent contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19

or who had been near someone else infected with COVID-19.

In turn, I promise to notify you if I‘m having any health issues prior to your session(s). 

I painstakingly cleaned before I re-opened and

I take time to carefully clean between clients.

Furthermore, I wear a mask and

I ask that you bring and wear your own mask as well.

I will not be providing masks. 

And, finally, I ask that only you enter our home,

even though you might be accompanied by a friend or family member.

Exceptions include underaged children, or folks who must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, or those who require an interpreter.

If you arrive accompanied by others, I ask that your guests not enter the house;

instead they can wait outside on our porch or in the car,

perhaps walk to the nearby square and get something to eat or drink there, etc.


Thus, Private Sessions have resumed but the number of sessions per day

are usually reduced

so as to allow for disinfecting between sessions.

Hopefully, Reiki Shares will eventually resume.

As always, Distance Reiki Sessions will be available

if you'd rather not travel

or simply prefer to experience reiki in the comfort of your home.

I know many of you have become used to distance sessions and

may very well prefer to continue with those!


If you’d like to schedule a session, please feel free to contact me and

together we'll figure out an appointment time that will work for both of us. 

I can't thank you enough for the support I've received during social distancing.

Thank you for purchasing Gift Certificates,

for requesting Distance Reiki Sessions, and

for understanding the restrictions under which my business was

(or, rather, was not) operating.

I appreciate you all!


I very much look forward to hearing from you and, of course,

I look forward to seeing you once again!

I've truly missed you all!
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